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How to Use Android Internet in Windows 7 PC without Wi-Fi

In this post, i will show you how to use internet in Windows 7 using Android Mobile. So Let's Begin. A day i bought a PC which has Windows 7 Operating System. Me and my friend set-up the complete system at home. Now i need to internet connection but unfortunately i belongs to rural area. that's why here is no broadband service available. I concern to my colleague about my internet issue than he gives me robust solution for this. He said to me use Android Mobile Internet for your PC. I said, How? Then they said to me How i use internet in Windows 7 using Android Device. The best part of this solution is there is no need to Wi-Fi. You can use Internet with Android via USB. How to Use Internet in Windows 7 PC without Wi-Fi? In case you have no wifi on PC or Android Device than you definitely use USB Data Cable for using internet in PC: Turn on Your Windows 7 PC. Connect Android Device to Windows 7 PC using USB Data Cable. Now go your Android Setting and find Wireless Connection