Sunday, 6 September 2020

Write Best Comment For FB To Appreciate Your Facebook Friends

When we open facebook app on our device and scrolling news feed to interact latest posts of our friends, we give the reaction on them in the form of Like and Comments.
Take an example,
I am surfing facebook and suddenly I see the photo posted by Sagar. I give the like on their photo. And I commented their photo "Awesome Pic Bro" to appreciate them.
This is the commenting reaction of facebook posts.

Sometimes people do not know how to write the best commentary on FB Post & Story. Because, they are new on Facebook or did not use any social media before.

But you don't worry, In this post I will share the best method to write best comment on fb post. Also I share the Cool and Evergreen Comments for FB.

Write Best Comments on FB?

View Full Story

View Full Story and Caption of the Post to judge them. Because, if you see only posted photo, caption or quote, you do not decide the best comment for FB.

Read The Fresh Comments

If you see informative posts or tutorials then you definitely have a question. But before asking, you have to read the fresh comments of post below. Why, Maybe the question you want to ask has been asked by someone else or maybe you can find the answer to your question in them.

Confirm To Whom You Are Passing Comments

Make sure what you're commenting on, if the post was posted by a friend, you can comment your own way. But if the posted person is different or unknown, you write formal comment.

Write Genuine Reaction

Write only reality and truth, because readers are smart. They catch the comment objective. In case, If you see any abusive post than try to avoid them or write deserved thought in formal way.

Okay, now this time is comment for FB!
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