Friday, 7 June 2019

How To Fix Google Adsense Link Ads Issue - Adsense New Update

Friends recently Google Adsense has brought a new update for all Adsense Publishers, which has seen a lot of changes.  Along with that, many publishers are facing a lot of problems regarding link ads. In today's article, we are going to talk about this new update of Google Adsense and learn how we can use AdSense ads to link to our blog or website. Let's start the discussion...

Just a few days ago, I found an email address for this blog in my email box, in which adsense said that

"We are investing heavily to understand how to increase user interest in advertisements and how we display our ads. As a result, our formats are constantly updated and improved. You can focus on these new types of ads on your sites.  Given. "

Now I do not know anything about this, but some of my friends and I have seen that these updates have been applied to almost all adsense but we have analyze one thing that is the old Google Adsense account  Google has given permissions to create link ads that are already running before this update. But our new Adsense Account has been approved, there is no option to create link ads.

I think Google AdSense will seriously consider link ads and will enable link ads back. At the moment, we should give Google a little time, he will soon present an update in our interest.

Image © Google Adsense
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