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What Is CSS In HTML? & How To Learn CSS

Hello friends In this article you will know what CSS is and why CSS is used.  The first most important thing you need to know about css is why.  If you have learned HTML and have created a basic structure of the website.  So learning css for you is beneficial.  Now why this is beneficial, we will tell you about it below.

Secondly, if you are an IT student or your body is running very fast in coding etc.  theme, apps, website, games, such things you want to create yourself.  Even learning CSS will be beneficial for you.

Now the third most important thing is that if you become a professional web designer by learning css then you can also make a great earning by designing another logo.  A web designer takes at least 50000 income every month in India.  To say that future scope is also very good in this area.  Now, there is so many benefits to learning a thing.  So let's spend time without knowing what CSS is.
CSS Logo

What Is CSS In HTML?

The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheet.  css is a simple design language.  Which is designed to simplify the process of submitting Web Pages. Using css, you can control the color of web pages, the style of font, the distance between the paragraph, and so on.  To say this is to say.  CSS creates a web page's design.  We will talk about the rest of the css usage below.

To understand this, I will give you an example and explain it to you.

Firstly, let me tell you that the use of CSS is in website design, so if you are new to this field then it will not be frightened.

As you know, you need HTML in order to create a website, but if you have worked on HTML, then whenever using the html, the website's design does not look good.

You see only this same website that you get to see different designs like that on mobile, in some other style on the desktop, as well as a menu button or a different design for different things  So if you want to create such a website then you will have to design a website.

Types Of CSS

Generally, there are three types of CSS:

Types Of CSS

1. Inline Style Sheet.

Inline Style Sheet

With the help of this Style Sheet, the Inline Style is used only in web pages where it is needed. You can use the inline style sheet to configure a particular html element. Inline css gives you freedom to convert any one Element  Its specialty is that, when we change any one element, then there is no change in the other elements.

2. Embedded or Internal Style Sheet.

Internal Style Sheet

These style sheets are used in the top section of pages.  Internal Style Sheet is placed within the <style> element. This type of style sheet is applied to all elements of the page. When we use the style element, then the type attribute is also used in it.  Here type attribute specifies the type of style to be included in the document.

3. External Style Sheet.

External Style Sheet

This is the most interesting Style Sheet of css.  In this we save css in a separate file by css and save it with .css extension.  Now whenever we add the CSS file to the html file with the help of the <link> element, this CSS file has the effect of the entire html file.  This is done when you want to change the design of a website one by one, instead of changing it at once.

So far you have to know what CSS is (what is CSS).  So let's move this article forward and know why CSS is used.

Why do we use CSS?

Many tags are used in HTML such as header tag <h1>, font tag <font>, table tag <table>, image tag <img> etc.  To show all these tags more well in the browser, css is used together.

Using CSS, we can show the text of the webpage in good color, control the fonts between the styles and the paragraph space, the background images and what color in the background will make the webpage look good.  CSS is used to set things up.  The CSS html document gives a completely new look, so users are more attracted.

Benefits of using CSS

The biggest advantage of using CSS is Freedom. You get rid of doing one task repeatedly. Apart from this, there are many benefits to using CSS, which are being described below.

Saving Time

We can use the style used in the webpage of an html in many other web pages, by writing the CSS code only once.  We will not have to write CSS code repeatedly to create different web pages.  And we can create as many web pages as we want by using only the one-time CSS code written, which saves us a lot of time.

Increase Page Speed

An HTML document contains dozens of elements, for which we have to set different style rules.  And in some others, their numbers also reach hundreds or even thousands.  Therefore, the size of the page increases.  But, with the help of CSS, only the Style Rules are set in the Stylesheet for all the Elements.  Thereby removing Extra HTML.  And the size of the page decreases.  And this is why the Page Fast Load happens.

Easy To Maintain

It is easy to maintain a document by css.  With just one change in css, you can quickly update many pages of that document.

Platform Independent

Platform Independent means that we can use css in any platform such as windows, linux, macintosh etc. And it also supports all the latest browsers.

Provide Responsive Design

You can not Optimize the webpage for every device from HTML.  But, with CSS's Media Queries Rules, you can make Webpages responsive according to Device. Can be given multiple device compatibility to the same web page. So that the web page can be seen in all the devices computer, phones, print accordingly.

Saving Bandwidth

The Bandwidth for a high traffic website matters a lot.  If you use CSS instead of a table for the layout of the page, then that file size will decrease by 50%.

Improvement In Search Engine Ranking

The traffic is all for a website. But traffic will only come when the website's page rank first in a search engine. Use of CSS makes it easier for search engines to access that website. By which he accesses that page quickly and ranks.

How to learn CSS?

1.If you have learned ml then you can skip this step.  But if you are starting at the beginning, then you must learn the HTML.  html is a very simple markup language.  what is html  By reading this post you will easily know.  After learning HTML you will get a lot of idea of ​​coding.  This idea will help you learn CSS.  You can not use CSS as one of the most important things to learn without html.  There is a reason for this.  html is used to create the structure of a web page like - head area, footer area and content area.  The same CSS is used to give that structure the best design.  So without HTML you can not use CSS.

2.Learn Basics of CSS- Learn CSS basics before buying a CSS course or buying a CSS book.  Thousands of free websites are available on the internet.  With the help of which you can easily learn basics of CSS.  In websites like,, CSS's full codes and their examples are well explained.  The biggest advantage of learning CSS basics will be that you will be able to gather more information about css.

3.Buy CSS couching or buy books- it is not that you can not learn CSS by watching CSS tutorial from internet or Youtube.  But if there is a good couching center around you, then join it.  The biggest benefit of this is that the atmosphere there will be exactly like the school class.  From which you will learn CSS quickly and easily.  You can also take couching online., is a paid websites, whose services are very good.

4.Perform CSS Codes - this is the most important step.  If you really want to be a pro web designer  Then practice the css codes again and again.  Coding is such a thing, as long as you do not experiment in it, it will not matter to you.  To practice CSS, you can resort to notepad text editor or Notepad++.  After writing CSS codes, save it from the .css file extension.  After this you link this file to your html file and run it in the web browser.  Browser will show you its output.  Gradually you practice them and then one day it will come when you have learned CSS completely.

5.Create a website yourself - this step will help you to learn the most about CSS. As you learn CSS, use it to create your own website.  The biggest advantage of this is that, you will know about the way codes work.  Regularly experimenting in the website will make it very easy for you to go ahead with website design.

Here are the ways in which you can learn CSS. Let us now understand the difference between HTML and CSS Knowing what is the difference between the two, you will know about the value of these two and how to use them together.

Versions Of CSS

Versions of CSS

  1. 2.2.1 CSS-1
  2. 2.2.2 CSS-2
  3. 2.2.3 CSS-2.1
  4. 2.2.4 CSS-3
  5. 2.2.5 CSS-4

Difference Between HTML and CSS

Knowing this, you will know about the value of these two and how to use them together.

Difference Between HTML and CSS

 ● The first difference between HTML and CSS html shows the content and structure of a web page.  Rather, it modifies the design and display of CSS HTML element.

 ● The second difference between them can be used in html files.  But html can not be used in CSS style sheets.

 ● The third difference between HTML and CSS is no way to use html elements.  Rather than implementing the CSS, any method can be used in Inline CSS code, internal and external stylesheet.

 ● The tags in the fourth difference html are used in between.  The html tags are fundamentally a keyword (tag name) that engages in angular brackets and usually comes in a couple.  E.g. - opening tag

<tagname> closing tag </ tagname>
While CSS has selectors that represent the code block. The CSS codes are written within curly brackets {}. To give style to the CSS code, we define them with properties and values. Between properties and value, we put the colon: point.

Slectors{ properties:value }
This was CSS and some information related to it which is used to create a web page. Hope you have received a lot of help from this article about What is CSS in Hindi (What is CSS). If you want to know more about it, you can comment below.

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